Applying creativity and post-production skills to your home...

Real Estate Photography, in my opinion, is one of the toughest areas of photography to learn. If you are a homeowner seeking quotes from photographers to shoot your home, there is a reason that you might get such a wide range of prices, because there will typically be a huge difference in quality between those that know what they're doing, and those that don't. So be sure to ask for examples of the photographer's work when examining your quotes, so you know what to expect. See below for some examples of mine.

It not only takes a creative and keen eye to capture the image, it takes vast amounts of knowledge and time in post-production to create the images you will be happy with.

I also have a drone which is essential for those birds-eye-view shots, to show your home in its surroundings. And I can provide photos as well as videos.

Send me a message at the link below to discuss your Real Estate Photography and videography needs.


Alex & Will

"Mike did an incredible job capturing video for our special day. We wanted something simple that covered the highlights, and he definitely delivered. With a mix of both drone and camera, it was exactly what we wanted. Can't recommend him enough!"

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1 / 6